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Our DEI Working Parties' Training

Our DEI Working Parties' Training

Our Training Offer

We support DEI Working parties in developing their vision, mission and values. We run virtual training sessions and coaching sessions to support the group in building momentum.

We provide critical friendship to bring constructive challenge to the work and the approaches being taken. We provide a safe space to share challenges the group are facing.

We provide an external perspective and help you to stay focused. We signpost additional resources and support you can access as a school to enhance your DEI provision.

Our training sessions include:
  • Unpacking key language
  • Developing a clear vision for DEI
  • Understanding how to engage hearts and minds
  • Reflecting on how to amplify lived experience
  • Developing inclusive leadership behaviours
  • Holding courageous conversations
  • Considering how to influence others
Our clients include:
  • Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy
  • Hatton Special School
  • King Edward’s Foundation
  • Kingham Hill School
  • Summit Learning Trust

Best bit of training in ages! Very positive response from staff, they were saying how good it was to find a voice for these important elements of our work and lives.

David Tomlinson, Headteacher

I found it really thought provoking and it made me much more conscious of my responsibilities to be aware of DEI and gave me a good understanding of where to start in how to develop my knowledge further. I really took away from it that I need to be more intentional and I thank you for that. However the best part was that you made me feel interested and inspired to do so.

Jennifer Cole, Assistant Head of Senior School, Brunei