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Our Disrupting Unconscious Bias Training

Our Disrupting Unconscious Bias Training

Our Training Offer

We support all stakeholders in becoming more aware of different types of conscious and unconscious bias; in becoming more confident in identifying and calling out/ in bias as it manifests itself in our behaviours and decisions; in becoming more competent in changing processes and practices to remove opportunities for bias.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

Our training sessions include:
  • Developing consciousness of how and when bias manifests itself
  • Challenging stereotypes as they arise
  • Recognising the impact that bias has on our behaviours and decisions
  • Understanding the link between bias, microaggressions and discrimination
  • Identifying the impact bias has on career pathways

Our school is on a journey to become a truly anti-racist school – this is an important and ambitious goal and one that needs inclusive leaders with ‘humility and a ferocious will’ . DiverseEd is supporting our school on this journey by providing inspiration, support and resources to empower our school community to change together.

Rae Potter, Headteacher