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Our #DiverseEd Podcast – Series 2

Our #DiverseEd Podcast – Series 2

Series 2 of the #DiverseEd Podcast has 10 episodes. In each episode, our co-hosts Mahlon Evans-Sinclair and Jess Boyd, will interview 1 contributor from each of the 10 chapters of Diverse Educators: A Manifesto.

Series 2 Episodes

Episode 10 – Abena Akuffo Kelly

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Episode 9 – Beckie West

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Episode 8 – Amy Ferguson

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Episode 7 – Jeremy Davies

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Episode 6 – Anjum Peerbacos

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Episode 5 – Albert Adeyemi

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Episode 4 – Nadine Bernard

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Episode 3 – Bex Bothwell-O'Hearn

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Episode 2 – Matthew Savage

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Episode 1 – Hugh Ogilvie

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Series 2 Co-Hosts

Jessica Boyd portrait

Jess Boyd

Mahlon Evans-Sinclair portrait

Mahlon Evans-Sinclair

Series 2 Guests


Hugh Ogilvie portrait

Hugh Ogilvie


Beckie West portrait

Beckie West

Gender Reassignment

Matthew Savage portrait

Matthew Savage

Marriage & Civil Partnership

Bex Bothwell-O'Hearn portrait

Bex Bothwell-O'Hearn

Pregnancy & Maternity

Nadine Bernard portrait

Nadine Bernard


Albert Adeyemi portrait

Albert Adeyemi

Religion & Belief

Anjum Peerbacos portrait

Anjum Peerbacos


Jeremy Davies portrait

Jeremy Davies

Sexual Orientation

Amy Ferguson portrait

Amy Ferguson


Abena Akuffo Kelly

Abena Akuffo-Kelly