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Our Exploring the Power of Stories Training

Our Exploring the Power of Stories Training

Our Training Offer

We support primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and special schools with their Diversity in the Curriculum training needs.

We facilitate core diversifying the curriculum sessions for teachers, trainee teachers and curriculum leaders.

We can deliver face-to-face or virtual INSET and twilight professional learning sessions.

In this session, we will explore how stories shape our social schema.

Our training session includes:

  • How to navigate the line between realities and the need for representation that creates agency
  • The link between storytelling and empathy
  • How single story narratives can be damaging to our society, with reference to gender, race, LGBT identities and disability
  • Common victim narratives to avoid
  • How we can 'flip the narrative' to balance our narratives
  • How we can counter dominant narratives to form new social landscapes.

Informative and relatable training providing a valuable insight into what others are experiencing at work.

Bella-Roshni Joshi, Trainee teacher