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Our Leading the Diverse Curriculum Training

Our Leading the Diverse Curriculum Training

Our Training Offer

We support teachers, curriculum/ subject/ phase leaders, and senior leaders responsible for curriculum design to diversify the curriculum in your school.

We deliver individual workshops and talks – virtually and face to face – but due to demand we are now launching a programme of curated sessions to support you on your journey to make your curriculum more inclusive and more representative.

This programme will support you in raising consciousness, developing confidence and building competence in how to diversify your curriculum design, delivery and resources.

Our 6-part programme will support you throughout an academic year, through a half-termly virtual session.

The programme content is detailed below:

Session 1: Curriculum Vision
To be able to rationalise and clarify the direction of diversity in the curriculum work to ensure that there is shared vision and unified purpose in schools.

Session 2: Curriculum Thinking
To ensure that the curriculum work is rooted in sound curriculum principles that align with a school’s vision, mission and values.

Intersessional Activity 1:
Review your curriculum policy and your subject’s curriculum intent statement through the lens of the 9 protected characteristics and through the lens of your school’s values.

Session 3: Curriculum Evaluation
To explore practical mechanisms for curriculum evaluation, considering change models and implementation strategies.

Session 4: Curriculum Adaptation
To explore methods of adapting the curriculum to ensure that it is meaningfully diverse within a social justice framework.

Intersessional Activity 2:
Review your curriculum across subjects in light of the previous two sessions and identify strengths and areas for development to feed into an implementation plan for adaptation of the curriculum.

Session 5: Curriculum Conversations
To create safe spaces in which to authentically activate student and parent voice to gauge how the curriculum is received.

Session 6: Curriculum Controversies
To explore ‘controversies’ in creating a diverse curriculum to be able to manage the emotional wake of the work.

Intersessional Activity 3:
Create a 1 page/ 500 word report summarising how you have applied your learning and evaluating the impact from these sessions to demonstrate how you are leading the diverse curriculum in your context.

Our clients include:
  • Summit Learning Trust

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Bennie provided an outstanding start to our year, giving our staff a myriad of ideas and concepts which they can use on the long journey to a more diverse curriculum. She was highly knowledgeable, but also wore her expertise with a humility and practicality that made staff believe that they could make real progress.

Heath Monk, CEO, British School in the Netherlands