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Our Taking Trauma-Informed Approaches to DEI Training

Our Taking Trauma-Informed Approaches to DEI Training

Our Training Offer

We support teachers, leaders and student support professionals in schools and trusts, in developing their consciousness, confidence and competence in deploying trauma-informed approaches.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

We will create a safe space for you to explore how to create safe and stable environments for our young people to empower them to have agency.

Our training sessions include:
  • Developing an awareness of trauma responses
  • Becoming conscious of the factors that cause trauma
  • Expanding our understanding of how trauma relates to DEI
  • Reflecting on the impact that prejudice and discrimination can have on an individual
  • Discussing how we respond to behaviours impacted by trauma as individuals and institutions
  • Exploring trauma-informed principles and practices

We have participated in two training sessions with Diverse Educators now and all staff, governors and other stakeholders, such as therapists have given very positive feedback. Both facilitators were knowledgeable, dynamic and able to provoke highly stimulating discussion. They were able to reach all roles within the school and helped us to have some happily uncomfortable conversations. We have a clear way forward in terms of continuing to review our provision through the lens of DEI with the support of this company.

Francesca Smith, Headteacher