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Our Trust Leaders' Training

Our Trust Leaders' Training

Our Training Offer

We support trust leadership teams with their DEI vision, mission and strategy to embed sustainable change.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for central team development days, meetings and twilights.

We can be your critical friends and support you on your journey to develop confidence and competence in shaping inclusive policies and practices that work across your group of schools.

Our training sessions include:
  • Understanding key DEI concepts and language
  • Communicating your DEI commitment through your vision, mission and values
  • Gathering data about your organisation
  • Developing cultural intelligence
  • Creating belonging and psychological safety
  • Modelling inclusive leadership behaviours
  • Curating professional learning programmes to support training needs
  • Holding courageous conversations
  • Creating sustainable strategic plans for transformation over time
Our clients include:
  • AET
  • Agora Learning Trust
  • ATT
  • Discovery Trust
  • Djanogly Trust
  • Elliot Foundation
  • Gallery Trust
  • King Edward’s Trust
  • Pioneer Learning Trust
  • Raleigh Learning Trust
  • South Pennine’s Academies
  • Summit Learning Trust

This programme has facilitated personal and organisation-wide growth and learning. It has been instrumental in supporting our ambitions around DEI and, as a result, is increasing diversity and inclusion MAT-wide.

Antonia Spinks, Co-CEO, Pioneer Learning Trust

Fantastic training – listening to Hannah talk about diversity, equity and inclusion was both inspiring and challenging; just what we needed as senior trust leaders to start the conversation about DEI across the Partnership. The training left leaders feeling ready and able to take the steps needed to ensure all children and adults across our organisation feel that they truly belong.

Rebecca Daulman, CEO, Agora Learning Partnership

We have done pockets of work around DEI across the last year but knew we needed to tie things together and ensure that all staff across the Trust had the same training so that we can move forwards collectively as one. From the moment I enquired about training, Hannah was passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. Our expectations were exceeded by Audrey who delivered the training in a manner that took the whole staff with her. We now have a level playing field where all staff have received the same training meaning that we can explore our collective and individual lived experiences in a safe place.Ii can’t recommend Diverse Educators highly enough.

James Roach, CEO, Inclusive MAT