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A person discriminates against a person if, in the protected period in relation to a pregnancy, if a person treats a person unfavourably because of the pregnancy, or because of illness suffered by a person as a result of it. A person discriminates against a person who is pregnant or who is on maternity leave if a person is treated unfavourably because a person is on compulsory maternity leave. A person discriminates against a person who is pregnant or who is on maternity leave if a person is treated unfavourably because a person is exercising or seeking to exercise, or has exercised or sought to exercise, the right to ordinary or additional maternity leave. The protected period, in relation to a person’s pregnancy, begins when the pregnancy begins, and ends – if a person has the right to ordinary and additional maternity leave, at the end of the additional maternity leave period or (if earlier) when a person returns to work after the pregnancy; if a person does not have that right, at the end of the period of 2 weeks beginning with the end of the pregnancy.

How can we ensure that people who are pregnant and/ or who are in maternity leave are treated fairly and feel like they belong in our schools?

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Chiltern Teaching School

We are committed to excellent standards of teaching and also lead and champion work around inclusivity in education.

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Equitable Coaching

We exist to challenge structural and institutional discrimination. We are a group of practitioners and coaches who support organisations to work equitably, coaching leaders to develop and accelerate anti-racist practice.

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Fertility Issues in Teaching

Fertility Issues in Teaching was founded in 2020. Through consultancy and training, we help leaders to become inclusive, equitable and flexible in their approach as they support employees throughout fertility treatment and baby loss.

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IKWRO is a registered charity, set up to help women and girls from the UK’s Middle Eastern communities (Iranian,
Kurdish, Arab, Afghan and Turkish).

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Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is an award-winning Social Enterprise who work with individuals during maternity leave, shared parental leave and beyond to allow parents to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families.

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The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project

Inspiring, empowering and connecting teachers choosing to complete continued professional development whilst on parental leave.

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Proud 2 b Parents

We exist to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ parents/carers and their children, whilst reducing health inequalities.

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Teacher's SPL

A website for pregnant or adopting teachers that explains how Shared Parental Leave can be used to be paid in full for the holidays, as well as providing support packages for those that want help applying.

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WomenEd England

WomenEd England was developed to ensure that whilst WomenEd is working with countries on every continent there needed to be a network for England.

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Yes She Can

We Inspire, Empower and Engage. We inspire our community to break career glass ceiling. We showcase inspirational women and provide real life role models.

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