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Promote Equality was created by three women of African and Caribbean heritage, who passionately believe that now is the time for sustained change in terms of racial equity to be achieved. Rachel Clarke, Hind Mrimou and Nicola Thivessen have put together their research and lived experience to create this training system.

As a mother, a Deputy Head, the grand daughter of the first Black Headteacher in Wales, Betty Campbell, and the daughter of a Headteacher in London, Rachel has an inherent understanding of education.

Hind is recognised as a formidable and passionate educator, who is not willing to accept the inequitable attitudes and behaviour to racial equality.

Nicola is of mixed African-Caribbean and European heritage, born and raised in London. Stemming from a large mixed-ethnicity family and the daughter of a black former headteacher of an inner-London school, Nicola has grown up with a vivid and direct awareness of racial inequity.

Promote Equality is a tool that will support your organisation’s drive for racial equality and equity. The comprehensive and self-directed nature of this, not only makes this training platform unique but one which also secures sustained change. The intentional long-term structure of this ensures that development in the area of racial equality can be achieved through bite-sized tasks across the whole organisation.

The platform has been developed as a self -directed course, with a facilitator from your organisation delivering the training, once an initial pre-course module has been completed, along with the reading of the detailed facilitator notes. Organisations can use one of our consultants to support the facilitation and delivery of sessions if needed.

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