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Founded in 1973, Quest is lay volunteer led and offers pastoral support and community in safe spaces to LGBT+ Catholics, our families and friends. Membership is open to all who are aged 18 or over and who support our aims, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or religious affiliation.

Our regional groups can be found in: Scotland, the North, the Midlands, London and the South East and the South West.

The Quest website and the regular members’ bulletin provide information and opportunities to discuss issues affecting LGBT+ Catholics, thus supporting them to explore their faith and develop their role in the Church.

Our national and regional activities include: a broad range of social, spiritual and other activities, house Masses, retreats, dialogue with Bishops and Priests, an annual conference and supporting Diocesan LGBT+ ministries. We also work with a broad range of faith-based and secular organisations in pursuance of our Constitutional Purpose.

With the help of our education lead we are exploring how we can offer support to schools and educators looking to provide safe spaces within schools whilst also meeting the demands of Catholic Teaching.

More information is available on our website.

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