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Remi Atoyebi

Remi Atoyebi

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Coaching Bio

Remi uses the Transformational Coaching Approach with clients. The Transformative Coaching process is a proven empirical approach inspiring authentic change through awareness and growth. The approach uses the proprietary framework known as Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM). It fully integrates the science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Positive Psychology, creating a robust platform that results in long-lasting, sustainable change through allowing individuals to reconnect with others as well as their own essence and start making conscious choices and decisions.

Coaching Experience

Remi has been in the coaching space since 2009. She has coached on various national and local programmes such as the DFE Women Leading in Education, National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services (formerly NCSL), National College for Teaching & Leadership, National Professional Qualification for Headship for The Institute of Education, University of London (IoE) and currently with East London Teaching School Hub and the Tower Hamlets FutureHeads programme. She also has her own coaching practice: Remi Atoyebi Consulting.

Career Experience

Remi is a certified Transformational Coach and a highly experienced Head Teacher. Since 2006, she has served as an Interim Executive Headteacher and Advisory Headteacher. with a demonstrable track record of working in education leadership and management. Skilled in School Improvement, Lecturing, Public Speaking, HR Processes and Policies. She served as a member of the DFE Primary Headteachers Reference Group, a body that advises the Secretary of State for Education and government ministers on education policies. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Coaching Qualifications

Transformational Coach

Coaching Accreditations

Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)
The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM) proprietary framework

Focused. Realistic. Practical. Remi is results-focused and caring at the same time. She brings a lot of experience and insights that will help answer many questions. She has an amazing ability to make you feel super-comfortable to talk to her about anything, and at the same time, you will not even realise you’re being challenged. Remi’s energy and ability to listen will help any coachee go away with a deeper understanding of their work and life. I look forward to continuing working with Remi into the future as I’ve found her coaching to be extremely beneficial.

Hussain Shefaar, Headteacher

Remi has been known to me since 2017 when she was assigned to me as my NPQH coach. The coaching I received was rewarding and I completed my NPQH with no areas for development. However Remi remained an integral part of my professional development. Her high challenge, low threat approach to coaching is one that has caused me to adopt a similar style of leadership because this approach has had a significant impact on my leadership. Through Remi’s coaching I have developed to think strategically even when confronted with challenging situations. Having a coach that uses a variety of tools to unlock your potential and enhance your ability to be impactful and bring about clarity of purpose in my life is an indescribable experience. Remi also takes a trauma informed approach to coaching and is always on hand to supply valuable wisdom unique to your goals and purpose. There is no doubt that if you say YES to Remi coaching you, your experience will be a transformational one.

Carlene Rowe, Deputy Head

I had four coaching sessions with Remi this year. The sessions were very open for me to talk about what I needed – even if I wasn’t quite sure what I needed before the sessions! Remi was excellent at steering me through some challenging issues. Furthermore, she is very good at getting you to see things through different lenses. I was very much listened to; it always felt like a safe space to share,be honest and problem-solve. I would recommend Remi to other senior leaders requiring coaching.

Ben Haigh, Assistant Head