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Our mission is to challenge the lack of representation and inequality in our current education system.

It is simple.


In 2018 Aisha, an Assistant Principal in a Bristol Secondary school was approached by BBC Inside Out West to present on their show exploring this very issue.

During this process, Aisha interviewed Shauna, a fellow teacher from Bristol and after sharing their experiences they realized that they needed to do more to ensure the voices of the under-represented were heard and to raise awareness of the many issues faced, due to the lack of the representation in education and beyond.

Aisha then joint forces with Lana Crosbie (Chair of Bristol NME), to deliver workshops and training addressing the inequality in the education system.

It was clear that they had to do something, they had to reignite the debate.

Alas, Representation Matters was borne.

We provide CPD, training and consultancy support.

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