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Sexplain provides comprehensive and inclusive relationships and sex education workshops for young people in the UK. We cover all topics, including porn, consent and sexual pleasure: no subject is off-limits or taboo! Our approach is sex-positive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive and evidence-based. Our workshops are delivered by our diverse team of unembarrassable ‘sexperts’.

Sexplain’s RSE programme is informed by an expert team of qualified teachers, doctors, academics working in gender, education and social justice, and young people themselves. Our aim is to improve people’s physical health and emotional wellbeing, and give them the critical tools to develop or defend a more equal society.

Sexplain launched as a non-profit in 2017, and to date we have delivered RSE workshops to 30,000 young people across England. We also offer workshops for university students and training for current and trainee teachers.

Over the past academic year, we have co-delivered a first-of-its-kind PGCE RSE course at UCL Institute of Education, and we were consulted by the Department for Education on their new RSE training materials. Sexplain also works with various university partners to co-conduct research to better understand young people’s experiences, and ensure our RSE programmes are responsive to their needs.

Winner of the Pamela Sheridan Award for Innovation and Good Practice in RSE

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