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The Skills Builder Partnership brings together more than 800 organisations towards a common mission, joined by shared language, principles and outcomes. Our mission is to ensure that, one day, everyone will build the essential skills to succeed. Our starting point is eight essential skills, the core, transferable skills for every aspect of our lives. In pairs, they cover communication, creative problem-solving, self-management and collaboration skills.

The Skills Builder Universal Framework shows how to build essential skills at every stage of life.

The framework, which is free to access for everyone, features:
  • 16 teachable, learnable and measurable steps for each skill
  • Universal language for children, young people and adults
  • Sets expectations for staff and students to assess progress
  • Demonstrates and measures short- and long-term progress
  • Easily transferable across contexts
  • Allows for tracking over time, to maximise impact

The Skills Builder Inclusive Organisations Cluster has brought together the huge expertise of a range of key partners who build essential skills in an inclusive way.

These contributions, aligned to the voices of neurodiverse and disabled people’s experiences, are the driving force for the Skills Builder Inclusive Organisations Guide. The Guide is to support organisations to use the Skills Builder Expanded Universal Framework and contains practical support on skill development, including key considerations when working with a range of learners.

Our most recent Impact Report charts how the Partnership has delivered 1,468,611 opportunities for individuals to boost their essential skills this year. This combines the 187,783 individuals who built their essential skills through programmes that were run in schools and colleges and includes a further 65,504 who benefited as individuals from our products. It also includes the wider impact of 1,215,324 opportunities for individuals to build their essential skills through approved programmes of partners, many of which draw upon the guidance of the Inclusive Organisations Guide.

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