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Teach First Multi-Faith Network

We’re a group of teachers who aim to support, develop and inspire people of all faiths in the Teach First community. We have grown a lot since last June and have been holding events where people can get to know each other, learn more about teaching as a person of faith, and be reminded of why they started teaching.

We appreciate that teachers are busy, and that people experiencing discrimination can feel isolated. That is what we aim to challenge, by showing teachers that they are not alone. We connect teachers from a range of beliefs and offer a helping hand as they live out their faith.

We aim to meet every term, and because we have members from across the country, we do this online. We have events where we aim to develop our members as teachers, to help us live our faith through our work. We also have events where we reflect on why we teach, to help us to go to work with enthusiasm and passion.

If you’d like to get involved, we have newsletters which come out every term, and a number of micro-networks for personal support. Sign up and we’ll be in touch.

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