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Teacheroo is the only global social platform designed specifically for teachers, offering educators a dedicated, friendly space to connect, share ideas, and support and celebrate each other.

Teacheroo is free for teachers and works on all devices. Download the Teacheroo app and become a valued member of the online teacher community today.

  • Join a safe, supportive and positive community for teachers
  • Search, follow and chat with local and interantional educators
  • Enjoy unlimited access to 1000s of free teacher resources
  • Share posts, blog and stream live video from your Teacheroo profile
  • Join private, public or closed groups, including the #DiverseEd group
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  • Build your professional teacher profile and build an audience of engaged followers

As a social platform with a global membership of teachers, Teacheroo understands and celebrates the value of diversity. We are proud to support Diverse Educators, who are leading the way in giving a voice to a diverse range of educators, through our partnership and by providing a dedicated platform for teachers to raise their profile and be heard.

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