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Thank and Praise

TAP (Thank And Praise) is a unique social thanking platform which enables people to send messages of thanks and appreciation to keyworkers quickly, easily and securely. It was founded in January 2019 and now has over 930 onboarded organisations serving over 36,000 keyworkers in the UK. It is, and always will be, totally free to use and also enables users to donate to their favourite charities through TAP’s matched funding service.

TAP check every single message to ensure only positivity on the TAP platform. To send a message of thanks is really quick and easy, just click on ‘Thank somebody today’ and it will take just a minute. TAP will do their best to find that individual keyworker, or department or organisation and ensure they see your message.

Showing our appreciation is a fantastic way to improve the mental well-being of all those amazing keyworkers and also makes us feel good too. Don’t delay, send a message right now and brighten someone’s day! And don’t forget to download the App too!

Download the TAP App: available via the App Stores – search for ‘TAP Thank and Praise’.

Diverse Educators is a TAP Supporter.