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What do we do? 

Create women who are courageous, resilient and effective in their leadership.

Why do we do this?
  • Too many women have a daily experience of survival in their leadership journey, rather than a thriving relationship within their organisations. The academy provides the tools that robustly address this pattern. The program is one year to ensure it is not ad-hoc training, but sustained support.
  • Women have access to formal training via higher education and professional development courses. What is missing is that bespoke platform of honesty, training and challenge that will give them tangible relevant support.
  • We do this to ensure women leaders are able to move from surviving a leadership journey that is often punctuated with fear and isolation to a position of stability, and then from stability to effectiveness.

Who is the academy for? 

Women in any sector who recognise any of the following in their current leadership role…

  • Leadership is challenging. You encounter situations that leave you on the brink of tears and frustration.
  • Your thoughts and fears can hinder your progress. An internal glass ceiling exists in your mind and dictates how you see yourself.
  • You are professionally qualified for the role, but you don’t feel in control. You question your level of influence or capability.
  • You don’t just need more training; you need someone to help you increase your inner stability, resilience and self- confidence.

I am the author of the book Courageous Leadership

“I will always feel fear, but I will limit the influence that fear has on my actions and thoughts’. ‘I am human first and a leader second. I remember the importance of family, love, compassion and grace’. Just two of the courageous leadership statements that can help shape your leadership journey. This book is for any leader who finds themselves in challenging circumstances and needs a dose of support and encouragement. A funny, real life story from a woman who found a way through the challenges of leadership and came out in one piece. Leaders, it’s time to stop merely surviving your leadership journey and to start thriving instead! One book, one hour…you can do this!

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