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The Anne Frank Trust is an education charity that empowers 10-15 year olds to challenge all forms of prejudice, inspired by the life and work of Anne Frank. Our work uniquely combines Holocaust education, peer education and youth empowerment to create lasting positive changes in young people’s behaviours and attitudes towards others. Anne Frank’s life and diary are uniquely powerful as a catalyst for this learning and reflection about prejudice and are at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is a society free from prejudice and we believe young people are the key to achieving this.

Based on our peer education model we have two core in school programmes- History for Today where a group of students are trained to become peer guides with a physical exhibition and our Voices for Equality programme where a group of young people are supported to become voices for equality in their school community. As part of both programmes we also run full class workshops based on different themes including Anti- Semitism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Gender Expectations, Transphobia and Ableism.

Our Head Office is based in London with delivery staff currently based in London, West Midlands, Yorkshire, North East England, North West England and Scotland.

At the Anne Frank Trust we have an excellent track record of independent evaluation of or programmes. Our long standing partnership working with social psychologists at the University of Kent and our latest impact report ‘Just Being Human’ provide powerful and continuing evidence of the impact of our education programmes on young people’s attitudes, knowledge, empathy and confidence to challenge prejudice. In the year 2020-21 92.5% of the young people we worked with showed progress in their attitudes towards at least one social group different to themselves. We also found that 70.7% of young people worked with made significant progress in their knowledge of prejudice and the harm it can cause.

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