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The Ogden Trust aims to increase the uptake of physics post-16 by supporting physics education and engagement for all young people (4-18), particularly those in under-represented groups. The Trust supports schools, teachers, projects and programmes that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning.

Through school-led partnerships the Trust helps to build and sustain supportive, collaborative teaching communities that can bring about improvement in physics education, engagement and learning environments. The Trust offers support for teachers of physics through the provision of professional development, subject knowledge, skills and resources.

We work with universities, employers and community groups to help widen access to physics enrichment and to encourage more people to understand the career pathways that can be opened up through physics.

Our primary science curriculum resources on our website have been written by primary experts and physics specialists and are aimed at supporting the delivery of hands-on science in the classroom. Many of our secondary resources are provided by partners and associates of the Trust and we are pleased to signpost you to these excellent teaching and learning aids. There are Ogden resources that will be useful in secondary, particularly KS3.
In addition, we have a series of ‘How to’ guides from our partnership schools which offer first-hand advice on running enrichment activities, creating effective partnerships for science and raising the profile of physics within your school.

Our ‘Phizzi professional’ series gives an insight into just some of the many and varied careers available to aspiring young physicists. These resources can be used by primary and secondary practitioners.

We regularly run news stories and celebrate histories, i.e. Black History month

We have 6 research cards featuring inspirational black physicists for you to download

We will be celebrating LGBT+ History in February with resources

We also support girls into physics

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