Our Statement of Intent

Our Statement of Intent


Sector bodies and national associations have come together to demonstrate their commitment to, and actions taken in, tackling issues related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in education. As signatories, we want our key stakeholders – pupils, families, staff, governors, leaders – to know that we are prepared to learn, listen and act on our shared concerns and that together we can achieve our ambitions for better DEI across the school system.


  • All-in Education
  • Ambition Institute
  • Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)
  • The BAMEed Network
  • Chartered College of Teaching
  • Confederation of School Trusts (CST)
  • DisabilityEd UK
  • Diverse Educators
  • Independent Schools Council (ISC)
  • Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL)
  • LGBTed
  • Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project
  • National Governance Association (NGA)
  • NAHT
  • Oasis Community Learning
  • Teach First
  • United Learning
  • WomenEd


This is a public statement by organisations working in the education sector to demonstrate commitment to playing their part in acknowledging the issues and furthering DEI in schools and trusts by taking action. We are working in a number of ways: independently, together and through our networks. Signatories will hold each other to account for delivering on these aims and will be held to account by our respective members and stakeholders. By being transparent about our actions, we want to give confidence to pupils and families, staff and leaders and those governing that we are learning, listening and acting on their concerns and ambitions for DEI.


The progress and impact of these commitments will be reviewed every 12 months and an updated statement published. You can read the full document.

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Our Commitment

Hannah Wilson, Co-Founder and Director of Diverse Educators, said:

“Our children in our schools are diverse and our schools serve diverse communities, thus we need to ensure that we have diverse representation at every level of the school system. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) need to be a strategic priority for every school, for every leadership team and for every governing board to ensure that we create a sense of belonging for all. We need a coherent and cohesive system-wide approach to addressing the inequities and barriers that oppress and marginalise groups of educators so that we can recruit, develop, retain and promote diverse educators. DEI needs to be a golden thread that runs through every policy, every practice, every person in every school.”

Our Progress

DEI work to date by Diverse Educators:
  • Website launched 1st September
  • Directory of 110 organisations to signpost organisations working in DEI
  • Blogs from diverse educators being published 2–3 times a week
  • Virtual events being hosted termly
  • #DiverseGovernance webcast series
  • #FastForwardDiversityInclusion webcast series
  • World Book Day event to amplify diverse authors
  • NQT series on DEI with OTSA
  • ECT series on DEI with Bowden Education
  • Leadership series on DEI with OTSA
  • DEI leaders programme launching its 7th cohort
  • Presenting at national events such as NASBTT conference, UCET conference, AOC conference, World Education Summit
  • DEI training for SCITTs
  • Diversity masterclasses for teachers, leaders and governors delivered termly
  • Half-termly Diversity in ITTE network meeting
  • Half-termly DEI leaders in schools network meeting
  • Quarterly Diversity Roundtable organised
  • Monthly newsletter signposting DEI activity
  • Toolkits for Inclusive Allyship and Flexible Working
  • 365 diversity books being shared daily
  • Supporting Edurio with the national survey on diversity in schools

Our Plans

DEI work in the future:
  • Book being published in January 2022
  • More Toolkits being developed on key themes
  • Research event being planned and papers being collated
  • Curriculum resources being collated as best practice
  • Reading lists being collated and published
  • Annual diversity in education awards being launched in January 2022
  • Free webinars and showcase case events being hosted
  • Collaborative partnerships being developed

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