Ayo Awotona portrait

Written by Ayo Awotona

Ayo Awotona specializes in confidence building for girls in education. She does this through programs, workshops, and keynote speeches.

This blog post serves as both a loving reminder and some encouragement! Just like our physical health, it is vital to check on our mental health and discover ways to improve or sustain it.

One approach is understanding what you find therapeutic.

Fun fact: the Greek origin of “therapeutic” means to attend (a.k.a to deal with) or to treat. 

It is usually associated with medicinal treatment. However, there are many other methods and activities that help treat and restore our mental health. 

Being open to exploring different activities is worthwhile to know what is therapeutic for each of us. 

Two of my personal methods are not having any social media notifications on my phone and having daily “switch off” and “wind down” times (actually scheduled on my calendar to avoid my workaholic tendencies from taking over!)

The significant benefits we get to enjoy include: 

  • Outlet/Release
  • Neutralises stress and worry 
  • Creates ease 

Essentially, we are intentionally taking care of our well-being and creating a healthy environment in our minds. 

So the question remains – what do you find therapeutic?

I challenge you to make a quick list of therapeutic activities and methods you would like to try out this week.

If this is proving to be a struggle for whatever reason, perhaps these two questions would help:

  • What is your focus on? 
  • Does it help or hinder you? 

2020-2021 has been particularly difficult to navigate through – for many many reasons! Many of the plans we once had in place have been changed or swept away and intentionally embracing change has become our new way of life. 

Now is a pretty good time to ask ourselves “what am I focusing on?” Whether good or bad, what we focus on, is what our minds will consume.

Many of us probably appreciate a good camera, one may be its ability to focus. The better focus the camera has, the sharper and clearer the picture. 

It’s a similar approach to life; when we are intentionally focused on our priorities, we capture a clearer vision and direction for our future. 

Let’s be mindful and careful of what we’re giving our attention to. Because what we give our attention to, our time and energy go with it.