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TWICE (Teaching with Inclusion and Culture Embedded)

Teaching With Inclusion & Culture Embedded (TWICE®) is a professional development workshop designed by Estelle Baroung Hughes and Estelle Bougna Fomeju, two Cameroonian educators and researchers. This online or in-person training focuses on culturally-inclusive teaching. It is particularly tailored for international schools.

What is unique in what we do:
  • Our training uses community-building approaches;
  • We support you in decolonizing the curriculum;
  • Our offer is scalable from a 1-hour introduction to an 8-hour full course;
  • We are fluent in French and English and offer monolingual or bilingual sessions.
  • We also offer individual coaching to educators and school leaders on implementing impactful culturally inclusive strategies.

We nurture cultural literacy and self-reflection when assisting international schools in their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. Hence our motto: think TWICE when it comes to culture and teaching.

In 2 years, we have trained over 300 educators based in Africa, Europe and Asia and who teach in primary, middle, or secondary international schools.

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