UCL Centre for Holocaust Education

UCL Centre for Holocaust Education

The Centre is part of the UCL Institute of Education, consistently ranked number one in the world for education.

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education is the only institution in the world to combine research into classroom needs with ITE, CPD, MA and PhD programmes specifically designed to meet the challenges of teaching the Holocaust and related contemporary issues. All of the Centre’s taught programmes are offered free of charge to teachers and schools and are robustly underpinned by school-based research (e.g., the Centre’s two landmark research studies centred on teaching and learning involved 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers). The Centre has worked with c. 12,000 teachers and offers extensive support for more than 150 Beacon Schools nationwide. Although the primary focus of the Centre’s work is on improving how the Holocaust is taught and understood, its expert team of educational professionals recognise that the complex issues and challenges raised by the Holocaust relate to many other contemporary concerns. As a result the Centre is committed to developing programmes to challenge contemporary antisemitism, racism, prejudice, hate speech, and other negative forms of social division. In addition, through the lens of the Holocaust, the Centre’s programmes educate students to consider the societal nature of genocide and the damaging implications for societies which have no respect for difference and diversity, but rather systematically engage in prejudice, exclusion, persecution and crimes against humanity. The Centre also works in collaboration with schools to respond to core safeguarding issues, the Prevent agenda, growing intolerance and the rise of political extremism.

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education has produced two national research studies which are freely available on its website.

The Centre has also produced a series of research briefings which offer teachers a summary of the Centre’s research findings and their implications for practice.

Information on these offers can be found here:

Over the past ten years Centre staff have produced a wealth of research articles and book chapters some of which are featured on the Centre’s website. More recently, in September 2020, the Centre has produced a multi authored book focused on teaching about the Holocaust. It can be downloaded free of charge from the UCL Press website.


Also available to teachers free of charge is a set of KS3 history textbooks focused on teaching about the Holocaust. Published by Hodder Education this landmark publication is the world’s first research-informed textbook.


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