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We Belong is the first nationwide migrant youth-led organisation, campaigning for the rights of young migrants, developing young leaders by providing advice, support, and training. Our aim is to change policies that prevent young migrants from full integration and participating in society. We engage 16–25-year-old migrants, once empowered, we work closely with young people to create a strong counter-narrative to the UK’s hostile environment by advocating for reform within the UK’s immigration system. Based in London, we serve young people nationwide by delivering our activities in person and online through digital activities. Additionally, we deliver training on the issues we campaign for to schools and university staff.

We Belong has worked with over 1,500 young migrants with precarious status intervening at a crucial stage to ensure equal access to higher education. Our focus is not only on symptoms of the issue but also on the root causes. Lived experience is integrated intentionally throughout the organisation from members of staff, volunteers, and our inclusive governance structure.

  • Winners of the Inspiring Youth Organization Award at The UK Youth Awards 2021
  • Winners of the Community Campaign of the Year Award at UK Parliament Awards 2021
  • Mental Health Report

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