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WeCanAccess works to promote accessibility and inclusion. Its site, wecanaccess.com, unites people with disabilities, parents/carers, businesses and SEND professionals encouraging them to share personal experiences, ideas and perspectives.

The website provides a variety of free resources. By simply creating an account, you can anonymously contribute to the online discussion boards. These areas are a safe space, offering valuable opportunities to seek help and advice or just chat with similar families and professionals.

You can find out more from people with disabilities or SEND professionals with the online blog. The blog raises awareness of various conditions and highlights positive access experiences. It also provides tips and advice for businesses, schools and individuals looking to become more inclusive.

WeCanAccess.com has a growing accessibility guide, for places and businesses. It highlights useful information relating to physical accessibility and sensory features too.

WeCanAccess wants to hear about those hidden gems around the corner from you! The ‘review’ area offers the opportunity to search for or leave a quick recommendation for somewhere you have visited that does access well.

For those who want a little help, the website also uses ‘recite me’ software. This can translate the site into 100 different languages and/ or read it out loud in 35! It can also be used to find text definitions, change font sizes and background colours!

WeCanAccess was created by David and Emma Bara, whose daughter was left with a range of disabilities following treatment for a brain tumour, at the age of two.

WeCanAccess are a registered UK Social Enterprise (socialenterprise.org.uk), United Nations Sustainable Development Champions (http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/) and proud partners of the Learning Planet 2021 (https://www.learning-planet.org/en/festival).

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