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WomenEd is celebrating its fifth anniversary and it is now a truly global organisation. WomenEd England was developed to ensure that whilst WomenEd is working with countries on every continent there needed to be a network for England which matches the national WomenEd networks in the rest of the UK. WomenEd England is committed to supporting all of the WomenEd campaigns which are: Increase women’s representation in leadership roles, reduce gender pay gaps, increase flexible working practices, and the 20-21 campaign focusing on increasing diversity in workplaces and supporting leadership development and opportunities for BAME Women.

The WomenEdEngland Team are:
  • Amanda Costello
  • Paula Delaney
  • Christalla Jamil
  • Ruth Golding
  • Victoria O’Farrell
  • Claire Price
  • Mareme Mufwoko

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