Diversity in Governance

Diversity in Governance

Diverse Educators are working in collaboration with the national organisations responsible for school governance to amplify the conversations around diverse representation of school governance, for Governing Bodies and Trust Boards.

Each organisation is aligned with our #DiverseEd vision,  mission and values to ensure we have diverse representation at every level of the school system.


In Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 we hosted a 6-part webcast series and the recording from these live broadcasts are available below.

  • Session 1: Why we need to diversify governance  - the social justice case/the moral imperative
  • Session 2: How we go about diversifying governance – the recruitment strategies
  • Session 3: How we create a sense of belonging - inclusive governance  behaviours
  • Session 4: How governance drives the school/trust’s diversity strategy
  • Session 5: Why to become a governor for non-educators and what the impact has been
  • Session 6: Why to become a governor for educators and what the impact has been

Session 1 – 19/11/20

With guests Dolapo Ogunbawo, Steve Edmonds, Jeannie Hume and Linda Unternahrer.

Session 2 – 3/12/20

With guests Adrian McLean, Emma Gregory, Ninna Makrinov, Mark Taylor and Raj Unsworth.

Session 3 – 14/01/21

With guests Maureen Chiana, Prince Caesar and Sharon Warmington.

Session 4 – 04/02/21

With guests Irfan Latif, Lavinya Stennett, Magdalene Adenaike and Siraj Mayet.

Session 5 – 25/02/21

With guests Jordan Holder, Josie Veghese, Alex Kumar, Cheryl Connelly and Karris Graham-Moore.

Session 6 – 27/02/21

With guests Sandeep Kaur, Sarah Amissah, Connor Acton and Karen Giles.