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NAHT is the UK’s largest professional association for school leaders, representing more than 33,000 head teachers, executive heads, CEOs, deputy and assistant heads, vice principals and school business leaders.

Organisations working in the education sector have outlined new commitments for action demonstrating how they will play their part in improving diversity and representation within the education profession.

A ‘statement of action’ signed by fifteen key sector bodies and National Associations outlines the collective and individual commitments to help improve diversity in the profession. The statement of action states that “by being clear and transparent about our actions, we can give confidence to pupils, families, staff, governors and leaders that we are learning, listening and acting on their concerns and ambitions for equality, diversity and inclusion.”

The organisations have also called for more support from government in achieving these aims, saying:

“Discrimination and inequality continue to exist, and our organisations want to play a role in actively addressing this within the educational sector. It matters for the health, well-being and futures of our members, their staff and the pupils and communities that they serve.

“But while a sector-wide approach is essential if we are to see true progress in this area, this really must be matched by effective support from Government. If the Department for Education is serious about improving recruitment and retention of educational professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, then it is vital that this is embedded across all facets of its work and is backed by appropriate funding.

“We call on the new Secretary of State for Education to make equality, diversity and inclusion one of his top priorities – and outline the Department’s own commitments towards improving diversity in the profession.”

The organisations that are signatories to this statement are:

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