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Sexplain provides comprehensive and inclusive relationships and sex education workshops for young people in the UK. We cover all topics, including porn, consent and sexual pleasure: no subject is off-limits or taboo! Our approach is sex-positive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive and evidence-based. Our workshops are delivered by our diverse team of unembarrassable ‘sexperts’.

Sexplain’s RSE programme is informed by an expert team of qualified teachers, doctors, academics working in gender, education and social justice, and young people themselves. Our aim is to improve people’s physical health and emotional wellbeing, and give them the critical tools to develop or defend a more equal society.

Sexplain launched as a non-profit in 2017, and to date we have delivered RSE workshops to 30,000 young people across England. We also offer workshops for university students and training for current and trainee teachers.

Over the past academic year, we have co-delivered a first-of-its-kind PGCE RSE course at UCL Institute of Education, and we were consulted by the Department for Education on their new RSE training materials. Sexplain also works with various university partners to co-conduct research to better understand young people’s experiences, and ensure our RSE programmes are responsive to their needs.

Winner of the Pamela Sheridan Award for Innovation and Good Practice in RSE

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Schools Out UK

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Schools Out UK

The overall aim of Schools OUT UK (Registered Charity No. 1156352) is to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public.

We do this by:

  • Increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT+”) people, in all their diversity, their history, lives and their experiences in the curriculum and culture of educational and other institutions, and the wider community.
  • Raising awareness and advancing education on matters affecting the diverse LGBT+ community.
  • Working to make educational and other institutions safe spaces for all LGBT+ communities.
  • Promoting the welfare of LGBT+ people, in all their diversity by ensuring that the education system recognises and enables LGBT+ people to achieve their full potential, so they contribute fully to society and lead fulfilled lives, thus benefiting society as a whole.
  • Providing free, comprehensive and detailed resources to develop and support the above ideas across the whole spectrum of the education, museum and library sectors and beyond. We do this across several websites:,,,

We have been in existence since 1974. Chair Sue Sanders is an Emeritus Professor of the Harvey Milk Institute, and won the 2019 Rainbow Honours Lifetime Achievement Award. Tony Fenwick our late CEO accepted an MBE on behalf of the organisation. We have been nominated twice in the ‘Best Community Group’ category at the Pink News Awards, and committee member Kate Hutchinson was voted Number 19 of the 40 most influential LGBT+ people  in Wales in 2020.

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Progressive Education

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Progressive Education

Founded in 2019, Progressive Education works to create a world where education has the best interests of the child at heart.

We explore why we need progressive alternatives to traditional methods in education, provides information on what the alternative approaches are and outlines how the education system could be reimagined.

Our directory of education providers lists progressive schools and learning communities in the UK aimed at school-aged children (4-18 years). We have included providers who aim to put the child at the centre of their approach: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Democratic/Self-Directed Education, Forest School and Waldorf Steiner.

If you are seeking employment within the progressive education sector, our jobs directory lists posts for facilitators/teachers, support staff and campaign/policy work.

If you work in a mainstream school or your child attends a state primary or secondary, you can visit our School Support page for ideas to enhance the student experience. We also support campaigns to bring about positive changes within the state education system, list events about progressive education, and we are building a library of articles and research.

Have a look through our Voices from the Sector pages to hear why progressive education is so important for the 21st century. You can hear perspectives from parents, teachers, progressive education providers, state school innovators, psychologists and researchers.

We hope this resource will help parents/carers, teachers, policy makers and other professionals to make informed choices about education.

We have a very active growing Facebook group with over 3000 members. “Progressive Education Group” is a supportive, friendly, international network for anyone interested in progressive methods in education. Please join us!

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Phoenix Education

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Phoenix Education

Phoenix Education is a charity, with an overarching aim to work towards creating an education system that has a collaborative and consensual rather than authoritarian culture, where students and teachers have voices, autonomy and agency to influence their experiences of learning and their experience of the system.

We currently do this through our projects Freedom to Learn – networking and supporting innovators in and outside of the system who are committed to rights respecting, human-centred, socially just culture and practice in education, and Changemakers’ Lab which is working with people aged 14-18 on exploring and campaigning for the changes that they need to see to school and the education system, so that it better respects their rights and meets their needs.

We are currently developing ways to work directly with specific school leaders who want to explore opportunities and methods to integrate consent-based, self-directed and rights based approaches.

We have an annual event called the Freedom To Learn Forum, where we like to bring together all of the different aspects of our work and movement in an open space inspired unconference format to network, connect, have fun and share knowledge.

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No Outsiders

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No Outsiders

No Outsiders enables children to recognise and embrace the diversity around them in preparation for global citizenship. The ethos teaches that ‘there are no outsiders here because everyone is welcome’. The resource uses the Equality Act 2010 as a foundation to ensure no protected
characteristic is left out.

42 picture books are used in the scheme with lesson plans from EYFS- Y6 to ensure consistency and progression. Assemblies are used to reinforce the ethos and plans are uploaded weekly to the no-outsiders website.

Andrew Moffat currently works as Personal Development Lead at Excelsior MAT, Birmingham.


Published resources:
No Outsiders in our school: Teaching the Equality Act in primary schools (Speechmark, 2015)
Reclaiming Radical Ideas in Schools: Preparing young children for life in modern Britain (Speechmark, 2017)
No Outsiders: Everyone different, Everyone welcome (Speechmark, 2020)

MBE, 2017 (Education for Equality and Diversity)
Top 10 finalist in Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, 2019
Pink News ‘Role Model of the year’, 2019
Attitude Pride Awards, 2019
European Diversity Awards ‘Hero of the year’, 2019
Honorary Doctorate, University of Worcester, 2019
Midlands Zone Readers’ Award ‘LGBTQ Hero of the year’, 2020
Midlands Zone Award ‘Outstanding Contribution to The LGBTQ Community’ 2020
University of Sunderland Visiting Professor, 2020
Pride Power List 2020

Andrew Moffat is a qualified Senco and has a MA in Emotional and behavioural Difficulties (University of Birmingham). He is currently studying part time for a PhD in Citizenship teaching (University of Birmingham).

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Mosaic Youth

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Mosaic Youth

Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons Trust supports, educates and inspires young LGBT+ persons age 13 – 19 as well as those around them through innovative co-designed services and training.

Pride in London ‘Future Activists’ Award

Ben Cohen’s Foundation Stand Up Foundation’s Charity of the Year 2019

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Mindful Equity UK

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Mindful Equity UK

About Mindful Equity UK

Mindful Equity UK was founded by Aretha Banton and Youlande Harrowell. We are a brand new service supporting Black and Asian women educators right from the start of their careers – from trainee teacher onwards. Our mission is to ensure that more Black and Asian women educators join the teaching profession, stay in the teaching profession and move into leadership in the teaching profession.

Mindful Equity UK run a peer networking service providing advice, guidance and coaching to Black and Asian women throughout their early teaching careers. We encourage solution focused conversations about representation and inclusion within the education sector with the aim of influencing changes within educational policy and practices. Our consultancy strand supports, ITT providers, employers and leadership teams to implement frameworks that will increase the diversity amongst student teachers, early career teachers and leadership teams. We work with the most amazing allies and are proud to be part of a wide ranging and truly representative network.


Our Founders

Aretha Banton is an Assoc. Vice Principal EYFS- P16 specialising in SEND, Safeguarding and Inclusion.

She is proud to have worked in a range of diverse schools and Academies improving outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged students. She is driven by a passion for social mobility and meaningful change.

Youlande Harrowell is an Assistant Headteacher working in an inner London secondary school and is experienced in leading successful sixth form provisions, CEIAG and developing key stage 5 curriculums. Youlande is a proud champion and advocate for visibly diverse leaderships in education.

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The MTPT Project

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The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project (MTPT)

Inspiring, empowering and connecting teachers choosing to complete continued professional development whilst on parental leave.

We believe that parents are entitled to make decisions that support their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families.  Wellbeing means different things for different people: our nationwide network empowers those choosing to maintain a sense of that ‘teacher’ identity during the “break” of parental leave.

We think creatively about the type of activities that have a positive impact on our students and can therefore be considered effective professional learning, and we love exploring the simplicity or problem-solving challenge(!) of enjoying these with babies and toddlers. Our two-module Accreditation formally recognises the ‘tricky to certify’ CPD completed by our community during parental leave. Underpinned by six sessions of coaching from our amazing coaching team, our participants tell us this is one of the most transformational and liberating CPD programmes they have ever completed.

Our community has a significant impact on the culture of schools, influencing organisations to be more equal and more inclusive. The ramifications of our work make teaching not only a family friendly career choice for mothers and fathers, but also improves working conditions for all teachers.

We also collate and complete research pertinent to The MTPT Project community, including: % of teachers on maternity and paternity leave and women aged 30-39 staying in, and leaving teaching.

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Leading Women's Alliance

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Leading Women's Alliance

The Leading Women’s Alliance aims to empower women to become headteachers, so that every child can benefit from going to a school led by a great headteacher.

In addition to campaigning to change the systems and practices that deter and prevent women succeeding in headship, through our LWA Pledge, we provide practical support for women applying for headship and those in the first two years of their headship. This is achieved through our LWA.

The Network does the following:

  • Provides termly ‘pop-ups’ facilitated and led by experienced HTs, with structured, yet personalised sessions both for women who are making headship applications (the ‘how to apply’, giving and receiving feedback, interview practise etc), women who are new heads or in the first two years of headship (solution-focused strategies and peer coaching) and encouragement to keep on applying for those who want to re-apply.
  • Coaching – both one-to-one and through peer coaching
  • Networks women in headship who request support and guidance at time of difficulty. We aim to encourage a self-sustaining group of women HTs.
  • Designs and delivers women’s NPQ programmes ie. in partnership with Teaching School Alliances and ASCL, LWA leads on the only Women’s NPQSL.

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IKWRO is a registered charity (Registered Charity No: 1151507 and the Company registration number is: 8140751), set up to help women and girls from the UK’s Middle Eastern communities (Iranian, Kurdish, Arab, Afghan and Turkish) who are facing “honour” based violence, forced and child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) or domestic violence. Our staff, volunteers and management committee include women survivors of gender based violence. We aim to preserve Middle Eastern women’s rights and equality, to combat discrimination and violence against women, and to empower women to access their rights and entitlements in the UK. Currently we have four main areas of work: Advice/advocacy/outreach/counselling, training, campaigning, and our own refuge.

Our True Honour Awards: the True Honour Award was launched first in 2011 in memory of all victims of “honour” killing, and in recognition of those who work to end “honour” based violence around the world.

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