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5 Senses of Inclusion logo

5 Senses of Inclusion

5 Senses of Inclusion is a business that specialises in helping organisations create inclusive and engaging workspaces and experiences that foster a sense of belonging for all.

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We were formed in May 2020 by Cheryl Campbell, Kemi Arogundade and Leticia Briscoe. We wanted to address the low representation of BAME professionals in School Business Leadership.

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Africa Learning International logo

Africa Learning International

Africa Learning International (ALI) is an NGO dedicated to supporting quality education on the African continent. The fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4) is, therefore, our focus.

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African Caribbean Education Network logo

The African Caribbean Education Network

ACEN, founded in 2019, seeks to address inequity and racial justice by improving Black underrepresentation and experiences in influential education and workplace environments.

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Afrikindness logo


Afrikindness is a visionary non-profit organization committed to reshaping the narrative around race, neurodiversity, and mental health in children.

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The Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC) is devoted to amplifying the work of international educators and leaders of color with a focus on advocacy, learning, and research.

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Alice Hoyle Represent logo

Alice Hoyle (RepreSENt)

Wellbeing Education Consultant with experience of being a teacher, head of PSHE department, local authority adviser for Relationships Sex and Health Education (RSHE), youth worker (LGBT+/ Mental wellbeing).

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Aluna Behaviour Consultancy logo

Aluna Behaviour Consultancy

As a Behaviour Consultant and Strategist with 30 years’ experience in teaching I have a range of skills, comprehensive knowledge and expertise.

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Amnesty International logo

Amnesty International UK (Human Rights Education team)

Amnesty International UK creates human rights education (HRE) resources, online courses, teacher training and youth activism coaches training.

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ASCL logo


ASCL is committed to supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) among school, college and trust leaders, and in our own organisation.

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ACT logo

The Association for Citizenship Teaching

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) provides advice, training, conferences and resources to support the provision of quality Citizenship education.

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Association for Science Education logo

Association for Science Education

The Association for Science Education (ASE) is an active membership body that has been supporting all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education for over 100 years.

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Behind Your Mask

Behind Your Mask was set up as a storytelling consultancy to help individuals, businesses, communities, and the general public through media harness the power of personal stories to educate, engage, inspire, and heal.

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Beyond Equality logo

Beyond Equality

Beyond Equality specialises in working with men and boys towards gender equality, healthier relationships and more positive masculinities.

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Black Nursery Manager logo

The Black Nursery Manager

Liz Pemberton (she/her) is the Director of The Black Nursery Manager Ltd – a training & consultancy company which focuses on anti-racist practice within Early Years.

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Citizens UK

Many schools (primary, secondary, and sixth form colleges) choose to be institutional members of Citizens UK. Their membership is an expression of their commitment to develop student leadership, as well as strengthen their links with families and neighbouring organisations.

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Cohesion Collective logo

Cohesion Collective

Cohesion Collective, or CoCo, is a specialised EDI training, assessment and advisory firm. We believe that EDI should be central to all school considerations, decisions and operations.

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Community Interest Luton logo

Community Interest Luton

Community Interest Luton is a registered charity and is proud to manage numerous successful projects which help thousands of people from the most deprived areas of Luton.

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Cultural Nexus logo

Cultural Nexus Ltd

Cultural Nexus Ltd. is about connecting people through difference. People are our passion. We value diversity, break boundaries and leverage the power of being unique.

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DEI & You Consulting logo

DEI & You Consulting

Our mission is to unlock individual potential by creating an efficient and inclusive organisational culture.

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D I I Verse logo


D.I.I.verse is dedicated to fostering environments where D.iversity, I.nclusion, and I.ntersectionality are not just ideals, but lived realities.

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Diverse Educators Logo

Diverse Educators

We advocate for a strategic DEIB role on every school leadership team as DEIB are golden threads that weave through every aspect of a school’s policies, processes and practices.

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End Sexism in Schools logo

End Sexism in Schools

We are a grassroots campaign organisation supporting girls and boys to fulfil their potential, without gendered expectations, in a safe and supportive school environment.

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Dr Enya Doyle Consulting logo

Enya Doyle Consulting (EDC)

Enya is proud to passionately prioritise undervalued and marginalised voices and specialises in challenging gender-based discrimination, sexism, and sexual misconduct.

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EQT logo

EQuality Training

EQuality Training is an innovative, vibrant company that designs and delivers tailored training in equality & diversity, inclusive practice and leadership.

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Equitable Coaching logo

Equitable Coaching

We exist to challenge structural and institutional discrimination. We are a group of practitioners and coaches who support organisations to work equitably, coaching leaders to develop and accelerate anti-racist practice.

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Everyday Racism logo

Everyday Racism

Everyday Racism (EDR) is an organisation that seeks to educate and provide resources on being actively anti-racist, we are committed to building a more equitable and inclusive society by tackling racism and discrimination in all its forms.

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Fertility Issues in Teaching logo

Fertility Issues in Teaching

Fertility Issues in Teaching was founded in 2020. Through consultancy and training, we help leaders to become inclusive, equitable and flexible in their approach as they support employees throughout fertility treatment and baby loss.

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Focused Minds logo

Focused Minds Education Group

Focused Minds Education Group offers asset-based, trauma-informed, equity focused practices, resources, services and products worldwide.

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GAEd logo


GAEd Training and Consultancy was set up to support schools with LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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GEC Logo


We believe that achieving equality will ensure a better, fairer, more prosperous society for all.

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Get Real logo

Get Real Sessions

Get Real Sessions exists to support schools in providing consistent, high quality, inclusive RSE from years 7 to 11.

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Harvey Heals logo

Harvey Heals Wellbeing Consultancy

Harvey Heals is a trauma-informed education and wellbeing consultancy. We champion compassionate mental health across the school system.

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iDEIJ Logo

iEducate Global

The iDEIJ Continuum is a student-centred, peer-reviewed, holistic framework of indicators that serve as a roadmap and mean of support for schools.

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Integrate UK logo

Integrate UK

Integrate UK is a youth-led charity that invests in the skills and talents of marginalised, socio-economically challenged young people to nurture future leaders who promote our vision of gender and racial equality and community cohesion.

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Journey to Justice logo

Journey to Justice

Our mission is to galvanise people to take action for social and economic justice through learning about human rights movements and the arts.

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Joy Uplifts logo

Joy Uplifts

Together, we discuss what it means to become an effective ally and become change agents within our communities.

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Kids of Colour logo

Kids of Colour

Kids of Colour is a project for young people of colour to explore ‘race’, identity and culture, founded in Manchester by Roxy Legane in 2018.

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Leeds Beckett University logo

Leeds Beckett University

We develop communities of educational practitioners, at all stages of their career, by offering professional learning opportunities through programmes, developmental frameworks and workshops.

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Life Lessons logo

Life Lessons

We create open and empathetic whole school cultures.

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Limit Less Logo

Limit Less

The Limit Less campaign aims to increase the number of young people from currently underrepresented or underserved groups in the physics community to choose to do physics post-16.

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LYFTA logo


Lyfta is a multi-award-winning, cross-curricula online teaching tool designed in Finland and the UK.

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Meedu logo

Middle East Education (London)

Provides balanced talks in schools, Youth Clubs, adult audiences, by a Muslim and a Jew together on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Middle East in general.

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MixEd logo


MixEd is a platform for educators (and others) to discuss race, racial identity and diversity.

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Music Mark logo

Music Mark

We are a membership organisation, Subject Association, and an Arts Council England Investment Principles Support Organisation (IPSO) advocating for excellent musical learning in and out of school.

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NAHT is dedicated to promoting equality for all of its members. We aim to achieve sector-wide equal and fair treatment for everyone working and learning in UK schools and equal representation and engagement within our structures and democratic processes.

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The NASUWT is committed to challenging discrimination, inequality and intolerance and recognises that schools/colleges play an essential role in this work.

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National Black Governors Network

National Black Governors Network

The National Black Governors Network connects individuals in the governance space with each other (from prospective governors and trustees, to experienced governors).

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NEU logo


A key priority of the union is to make sure all members have a voice in the union, the workplace and broader society; and do not face barriers to promotion, representation or participation.

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Open Doors Education and Training logo

Open Doors Education and Training

We provide one-to-one professional online tutoring from the comfort of student’s own home at a time that suits them.

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Pop'n'Olly logo


Pop’n’Olly is the UK’s leading provider of LGBT+ educational resources for primary children, parents, carers and teachers.

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Progressive Masculinity Logo

Progressive Masculinity

We provide practical, safe and non-judgemental workshops KS2-4 which explore what it means to ‘be a man’ in today’s world.

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Proud 2 B Parents Logo

Proud 2 b Parents

We exist to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ parents/carers and their children, whilst reducing health inequalities.

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The Rainbow Flag Award logo

The Rainbow Flag Award

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for primary schools, secondary schools, SEND schools and colleges. The award focuses on positive LGBT+, inclusion and visibility.

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RARA logo

RARA Education Project CIC

RARA is a black-led organisation committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in learning and working spaces.

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Rebel Led Training and Consultancy logo

Rebel Led Training and Consultancy

Creating a truly inclusive working environment can be a challenging journey, especially when you’re passionate about eliminating discrimination.

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The Refugee Cafe logo

The Refugee Cafe

Our mission at Refugee Cafe is to use the power of food to support local refugees and migrants into employment.

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Satchel Pulse logo

Satchel Pulse

Satchel Pulse is an innovative wellbeing tool that helps school leaders track, analyse and improve the wellbeing of the entire school community through a series of smart surveys.

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Schools' Inclusion Alliance logo

Schools' Inclusion Alliance

We believe an inclusive environment is essential to an excellent education. We are a collaboration between Independent schools leaders, teachers and inclusion experts.

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Schools of Sanctuary logo

Schools of Sanctuary

Our vision at City of Sanctuary UK is that every community will proudly offer sanctuary to people forced to flee violence and persecution.

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Socially Just PE and YS Logo

Socially Just Physical Education & Youth Sport

An organisation dedicated to creating spaces where young people can flourish in physical education and youth sport.

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Step Up Network Logo

Step Up Network

A new network for new and aspiring leaders in education. We cover all phases and leadership ‘levels’ but we focus more so on those starting at middle and then senior levels. We are a grassroots network ran by volunteers.

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Strawberry Words logo

Strawberry Words Training Consultancy

Strawberry Words is a training and education company that focuses on improving relationships with self and others and we specialise in antiracism.

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SyncD Logo


Alicia Richardson leads our diversity, equity and inclusion practice. She has 5 years of diverse hiring experience, and 2 years of workshop facilitation and public speaking experience.

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Thought Project Logo

Thought Project

We are a feminist organisation based in India that creates art and offers training and consultation services on issues of gender and sexuality, diversity and inclusion.

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Timbrell Education logo

Timbrell Education

Ian Timbrell is an experienced educator, leader and consultant, who supports schools, colleges and businesses to improve their LGBTQ+ inclusion policies, procedures and provision.

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Trident logo

Trident Training & Consulting

Trident Training & Consulting is an organisation that works on issues of sexual misconduct, diversity & inclusion, and professional development.

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Troy Jenkinson Education Logo

Troy Jenkinson Education

Troy Jenkinson, a passionate advocate for inclusivity, creates positive change through the power of storytelling. As an accomplished author of children’s books, he celebrates diversity and fosters empathy in young readers.

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TWICE logo

TWICE (Teaching with Inclusion and Culture Embedded)

Teaching With Inclusion & Culture Embedded (TWICE®) is a professional development workshop designed by Estelle Baroung Hughes and Estelle Bougna Fomeju, two Cameroonian educators and researchers.

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We Belong From logo

We Belong

We Belong is the first nationwide migrant youth-led organisation, campaigning for the rights of young migrants, developing young leaders by providing advice, support, and training.

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Worth-It logo

Worth-it Positive Education CIC

Worth-it was founded with the aim to apply evidence-based approaches of positive psychology and coaching psychology to create real change and prevent mental health problems for children and young people.

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You Be You logo

You Be You

You Be You is an award winning social enterprise working towards the vision that no child leaves primary school believing their gender, race or class limits their potential.

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